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ZappBug Room

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The ZappBug Room features a remarkable heat treatment chamber that helps eliminates bed bug infestations. The ZappBug Room provides the largest capacity of any portable bed bug extermination heating system available on the market today. The ZappBug Room provides confidence and peace of mind that the bed bugs are dead and the infestation problem is solved.

Heat is the solution trusted by professionals to eradicate bed bugs.  There is no chemical that can claim 100% efficacy against bed bug eggs, heat is the solution when you need peace of mind.

Professional heat treatments can also cost thousands of dollars, displace you from your home for hours, and they create an unpleasant spectacle at your home or business.  They are one-time events, and they may be overkill for mild infestations

A ZappBug heat chamber provides a commercial-level solution in a portable package for a fraction of the price.  

  • Heat is the only solution proven to kill 100% of bed bugs, even eggs
  • Family and pet safe:  No pesticides, no chemicals, just heat
  • Easy to use: Set up, load with items, press on
  • Largest capacity of any portable bed bug extermination heating system available
  • Treats large, stores small, heat’s it all
  • Durable internal frame, 50% more capacity per load than the competition
Fast Discrete Shipping
One Year Warranty
Arrives in two packages
Product Dimensions: 111 x 57.5 x 80 inches
  • files
  • paper
  • clothes
  • bedding
  • shoes
  • books
  • couches
  • mattresses
  • tables
  • chairs
  • electronics
  • and much more

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WOW - can't believe how many of those bugs hid in things

We purchased this in March 2019 - so far we have toasted 4 loads of furniture, bedding, etc. with lots of vacuuming. The last batch was our king size bed frame - what an incredible number of those bed bugs came crawling out and died in the oven. The room was easy to assemble and operate and if those bugs ever do return we know exactly what to do to get them again. We have also removed the carpeting and replaced with hardwood floors so they can't go undetected as easily. Well worth the expense and still a fraction of the cost of an exterminator (where we would have had to remove all pets, electronics, plants and medications for the day for them to treat the whole house). - S. Jones

Non-Toxic and Environmentally Safe

Uses Thermal Heat Technology to Kill Pests

Easily Folds for Convenient Storage

Free and Reliable Customer Support

Treats large, stores small, heat’s it all

The ZappBug Room is a professional bed bug heat treatment solution. The Room is large enough to accommodate appliances, California King sized mattresses, or shelves full of smaller items. You don’t have to choose between peace of mind and disposing of your belongings. However, it can still be collapsed for storage or transport.

The Only 100% solution for eggs…

Bed bugs are resistant to many common pesticides. Bed bug eggs are even more difficult to control. Heat is one of the few methods scientifically proven to control bed bugs and their eggs.

Environmentally Sound

The large size of the ZappBug Room means that you do not have to choose between disposing of furniture or treating it with pesticides.

Designed for Businesses and Nonprofits

ontrolling bed bugs in commercial spaces is expensive and inconvenient. Usually, it means hiring professionals who may take days to respond, closing for treatment, plus a restricted-entry interval, often as long as 12 hours. Heating or fumigating an entire structure can easily cost more than $10,000, and these treatments offer no residual protection.

The ZappBug Room allows you to eradicate pest issues in an isolated environment with minimal disruption.

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