Since bed bugs are very small it’s easy for them to hide and nest in just about any little crack or crevice. They can also use cracks as a route to travel through your home or from apartment to apartment in multi-unit dwellings.    

In some cases, such as rental units, it’s not possible for you to seal everything in your unit. Don’t worry if that’s the case: this step will aid you in fighting off bed bugs but if you can’t follow it the other steps will still work to fight your infestation. If you do own your home or have permission from your landlord then you’ll want to seal up all cracks and crevices with caulk. You will be denying bed bugs paths of travel and hiding places, making it easier to contain and fight them.


Jecta Caulk on

The effectiveness of Bora-Care in a gel form for sealed or hard-to-reach wood.

DeTour Gel For Rats

DeTour Gel For Rats - Caulk on

A professional-grade barrier sealant that provides outstanding durability and adhesion to seal without any synthetic toxins or harmful residue.

Caulking Gun

Caulking gun on

Use this Caulking Gun to make apply products such as 4 The Birds Bird Gel.

Caulk is generally sold in tubes. With small tubes of caulk you simply cut off the tip of the tube and squeeze to apply.  With large tubes of caulk, it’s very helpful to have a caulk gun to apply. 

Generally caulk is available in either white or clear.

Disclaimer: Some of the procedures outlined in this guide may be tricky and should be undertaken at the readers own risk. Readers should consult all material data sheets for any products they use in their own attempts at pest control and consult with the manufacturers of all products regarding best usage practices. This guide should be construed as theoretical advice. ZappBug and its employees will not be held responsible for any injury due to the advice offered herein. This guide cannot be construed as formal advice and ZappBug will not be held liable in any instance of an action resulting from this story. This disclaimer assigns the readers all responsibility for their own decisions.

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