Kill Bed Bugs with Heat!

ZappBug’s bed bug heat chambers offer guaranteed results for a fraction of the price of a whole-home heat treatment.  With three sizes to choose from, ZappBug has a chamber to meet your needs and budget.


ZappBug Heater

ZappBug Heater

ZappBug Oven 2

ZappBug Oven 2

ZappBug Room

ZappBug Room

Size 23 x 37.5 x 23 inches 39 x 39 x 28 inches 111 x 57.5 x 80 inches
Size - Cubic Feet 11.28 ft3 24.65 ft3 295.5 ft3
Circuits Needed 1 2 4
Treatment Time 3-8 Hours 3-8 Hours 3-8 Hours
Best for Travel
Best for Large Furniture (Couches, Sofas, Recliners, Kitchen Tabels, etc.)
Best for Small Furniture (Kitchen Chairs, nightstands, ottomans, etc.)
Best for Office and Household Goods (Books, Papers, Electronics, Tablets,etc.)
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ZappBug Heat Treatment Chambers 

Professional Results with Do It Yourself Simplicity

Heat reflective insulation Improves heat retention

Safety-First Design 
Built in timers and sensors help to make our heat chambers the safest on the market.

Included Wireless Thermometer Set
All ZappBug chambers include a wireless thermometer and sensor

Larger Chambers, More Usable Space
ZappBug chambers feature larger openings, our support blocks system leaves you more room to treat heavy & oddly shaped items.

Non-Toxic and Environmentally Safe

Uses Thermal Heat Technology to Kill Pests

Easily Folds Flat for Convenient Storage

Free and Reliable Customer Support


A Trusted Solution

Experts recommend ZappBug as an effective treatment solution in some of the most challenging treatment sites including:

Schools, shelters & temporary housing, skilled nursing facilities, military housing, public and multi-family housing, libraries, and more.

Three Different Sizes

Whether you are heating a Carry-on or a California King, We’ve got a chamber for that.

Easy to Load

.Intuitive controls, programmable treatment times, and wireless thermometers take the guess work out of heat treatments.

The Only 100% solution for eggs

Bed bug eggs are hard to see, and even harder to kill.  A multi-hour heat treatment offers peace of mind


By examining the bed bug pictures you will see that bed bugs are small insects with: 

• Oval-shaped bodies
• Six legs
• Two antennae
• Coloration will vary depending on their age as well as whether or not they have fed recently

View the bed bug pictures to get a better look at the shape, size, and color variations.

Nymphs (young bed bugs)
Semi-translucent. When they feed they fill with blood, making their belly a dark brown and sometimes causing a spotted pattern where the blood is visible inside their abdomen.
Adult bed bugs are:
Light brown with a flat, oval belly if unfed or a deep brown/red color with an engorged belly if they have fed.

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