ZappBug Room Review by Thermapro Solutions

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Review by Don Prashker, Thermapro Solutions

We unwrapped the system. It was perfectly packaged and everything had its place. Easy to get going.

We only found the instruction manual AFTER we had set it up.

The canvas was a much better quality than expected. It was thick and heavy and the mylar inside was also excellent.

We did get the zippers stuck in the mylar a few times, but with practice, we learned to do it right and pull the zipper away from fabric. (zippers were also quality, and big)

We used our sensors and monitoring system to read the temps and it took 50 minutes for the first sensor to reach 120F.

We placed 3 items and 3 sensors. We also placed 6 live bed bugs in vials deep in one of the bags.


The heaters output was very impressive, with all 4 heaters going, the techs said it was hotter in that tent than they had expected( and they know their heat!)

The quality of both the frame and the canvas was impressive, the heaters were also reassuring with the safety switch underneath.

As soon as I have more time, I will test it out some more, with different objects.

In my opinion, after working with Thermal Remediation for over 3 years, ZappBug has replicated the results that we achieve with our system. It was effectively hot enough, fast enough, to do the job. Well done.



Thermapro Solutions
5420 Rue Vanden Abeele 
Montréal, QC, H4S 1P9

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