Nursing Home Infested with Bed Bugs

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The staff of a central Virginia nursing home recently went to the media after discovering that it was infested with bed bugs. The staff grew concerned for the safety of their patients and the families of their patients, and the lack success with current treatment options. According to workers, although there had been several visits by a pest control company with extensive use of chemicals the infestation was continuing. A spokesperson for the facility stated that the situation was being monitored and was under control.

Unfortunately, this nursing home is not the only one infested with bed bugs. In March, 2018 a nursing home in Hialeah Florida was fined $1,000 after bed bugs were discovered there. In that case, state inspectors visited the home and found bed bugs in twelve rooms, even witnessing them crawling on the walls. The nursing home was fined in part for failing to adequately treat the bites of one of their patients.

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Bed bug infestations of nursing homes effect the most vulnerable.

An even more horrible case was in Dixmoor, Illinois, where Value Care Centers was raided by police after a resident called. There, they found the residents locked inside with a rampant, uncontrolled bed bug infestation alongside numerous other violations. This was weeks after the center had been ordered closed for operating without a license. Although this is an extreme case of criminal wrongdoing, as the other more minor instances show it is very possible for a nursing home to be infested with bed bugs. As the staff in Virginia prove, even when there is compassionate care and a sincere attempt to treat the problem it is able to continue on. Once a large residence is infested with bed bugs it takes time, careful integrated pest management solutions, and whenever possible heat treatment of both belongings and clothing/linens.

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