Government Office Infested with Bed Bugs

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Bed bugs can infest almost anywhere – homes, apartments, hotels, even movie theatres – but add a new place to that list: offices. Earlier this month government workers in Fort Worth, TX found their office infested with bed bugs. In an ironic twist the office was set up to deal with emergency support such as hurricanes and tornadoes, as well as payment for those rebuilding after disasters.

Although the office infestation was quickly noticed and the office was closed down for two days for treatment, the bugs were found in other parts of the building soon after. This is common with bed bug infestations in large buildings, and we frequently hear of similar scenarios in apartment buildings. One unit will be infested, get treated, and the bugs will escape the treatment and move to other units, perpetuating the cycle. In this case the office has been closed again for a couple days of further treatment that will hopefully alleviate the problem.

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Office bed bug infestations are increasingly common

This isn’t the first time a there has been a government office infested with bed bugs. In April the New York State offices in Albany, NY were found to have bed bugs on one floor, and treatment was carried out overnight. In that case the problem was seemingly dealt with much faster: a memo was sent out and exterminators were called in right away. Staff members were hesitant to speak on the record but seemed unconcerned overall. This goes to show that quick, prompt treatment is always the best for bed bugs. If you can get them before they have a chance to spread you can contain them much easier. Ensuring that all office staff is aware of the problem and makes sure that they have not brought them in from home also helps, although if your office is public facing that adds an extra element to the process of containing and treating office infestations.

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