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Lately, we’ve seen a lot more discussion about bed bug awareness among the general public. If you’re a regular on our site you may already know that bed bugs were almost completely wiped out in the western world after heavy DDT use. For years, bed bugs were essentially a thing of myth – “Don’t let the bed bugs bite” was many people’s only contact with them at all. But over the last five years while bed bugs themselves have made a comeback the general public’s awareness of the issue has remained very small. Now, we’re starting to see that change.

The popular YouTube series SciShow recently did an episode all about bed bugs. Here they explained the basics of what bed bugs are, what they feed on, and where they live – as well as how to treat them. While this video is a great basic introduction to bed bugs for those who haven’t had them in the past, the section on treatment leaves out some important details about how to get rid of them – such as the use of heat treatment for basics like your sheets and bed linens, either through a ZappBug or your own dryer, as well as easy treatments like diatomaceous earth and vacuuming. That said this video is definitely worth checking out for an entertaining examination of pesticide resistance, and is a great way to raise bed bug awareness.

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This week there was also an interesting AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) on Reddit by a pest control professional specializing in bed bugs. Although like any Reddit thread there are a lot of jokes, and a fair amount of misinformation by other commenters, this thread shows just how many people have gone through infestations, and how bed bug awareness is rising – although it still has a way to go. It may take awhile to fully read through the whole thing, so if you’re looking for a few good comments in particular check out this one on using diatomaceous earth, this comment about how hotels handle bed bugs, or this one about the worst infestation a PCO has ever seen – with bonus video from another PCO.

Remember, the best way to fight against bed bugs is to prevent ever getting an infestation in the first place. The more bed bug awareness there is in society the easier it will be to fight against them.

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