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We here at ZappBug recommend using Ziploc bags to store your personal belongings while you are trying to get rid of bed bugs. Ziploc bags are great because they provide easy access to items that you use every day. For example, Andrew kept a fresh change of bed bug free clothes in a Ziploc bag for each morning while he was trying to get rid of bed bugs.

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***Video Transcript*** – Recommended Ziploc Bags

(Andrew – all audio)

What I found particularly helpful when I had bed bugs was to use giant Ziploc bags.  They come in three sizes. This is the larger…which is pretty big.

(Image of Large (L) Ziploc Bag Box)

This is the extra-large and this is the extra-extra large.

(Image of  Extra-Large (XL) Ziploc Bag Box)

The sizes that I found most helpful were large and extra-large.  The XXL was just too big and bulky and unwieldy when it was completely filled up.  It was too heavy…hard to kind of move around but the L and XL I used quite a bit.  And the great thing about these bags is that they are wonderful for stuff that you need to access a lot. Because you can…once your items are heat-treated and put in there…you seal it up and you know it’s going to stay sterile and not get re-infested.  But if you need to access it, it’s really really easy because you can just pop that Ziploc open and access your stuff.

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