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Alright, this is out final video in the series supporting Step 2 of the 8-Step Approach to get rid of bed bugs.  Again, it is critical that you place all of your personal belongings in sealed, plastic bags.  You need to treat everything in your home as if it is infested with bed bugs.  If you don’t do this, it is possible that nearly invisible bed bug eggs could be hiding where you least expect them.  When the eggs hatch, baby bed bugs will have free reign in your home.  Get rid of bed bugs the first time and follow Step 2 to the letter.  Trust us, dedication here will save you time and effort in the long run.

This video shows, in detail, how to approach packing-up your dresser.  As always, feel free to contact us with any questions!

**Video Transcript** – How To Pack-Up a Dresser

Video Transcript

In your showdown with bed bugs, all items in your bedroom are at risk. You want to seal all of your items away as you fight your infestation, this ensures any items that are contaminated are contained, and any items that aren’t contaminated stay safe.

Put everything in your dresser in sealable containers; either plastic bags, or plastic boxes. Even lose items on top of the dresser should be put away and sealed.

Just like packing items in your closet away, you can do some sorting while you place items in containers. For instance, any items that you plan on heat treating can be placed in the same container.

If you are using plastic bags make sure to seal them fully closed. You can use items like zip ties or binder clips to seal the bags.

If it’s possible to remove the drawers from your dresser, you should do so and treat them as well. You can either heat treat them or treat them with diatomaceous earth.

For more information on how to properly heat treat furniture or use diatomaceous earth, please see our Eight Step Approach videos.

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So you’re also going to have to bag up everything around your dresser and everything in your dresser.  For the items on top of the dresser, I’m going to again use a double bag just because there are some sharp edges on these pictures and I want to add some extra strength and security.  I’m also going to use one of these handy giant binder clips that you can get readily at any office supply store.  They are really great because instead of having to tie-off the bag, you can just clip the binder clip on and it securely holds it.  You are going to want to take everything out of your dresser and seal it in plastic bags.  Little stuff like this we’re going to want to be sure to dispose of.  Get a separate bag for trash.  And we’ve tied off the bag to make sure everything is securely sealed inside.

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