Bed Bugs at University of Nebraska

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An outbreak of bed bugs in campus housing at the University of Nebraska has students fuming about the Bed-bug gate scandal.  Bed bugs were first detected in early January and it took two weeks for the university housing staffers to take action.  During this time bed bugs spread to over 20 locations across campus.  Now the University of Nebraska housing staff is working with local bed bug exterminators to control the situation.

It is clear that the housing staff was unprepared for a bed bug infestation and unaware how quickly they can spread.  It is likely that more universities will have similar issues as spring (bed bug season) arrives.  If you are acquainted with anyone at a university, you should give them the head’s up.  It is much easier to get rid of bed bugs before they are able to feed and reproduce.

University housing has created a webpage with information about bed bugs and the status of Bed-bug gate.

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