Angry Man Throws Bed Bugs

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Workers in the city management office of Augusta, Maine were disgusted this week when an angry man threw a cup of bed bugs onto the counter. Apparently about 100 of the bugs got loose in city hall, leading it to be shut down for some time as bed bug detection dogs and pest management professionals were brought in.  The man could have charges filed against him although none have been brought as of yet.

What makes a man so upset that he throws bed bugs? According to the city manager William Bridgeo the man had brought the bed bugs from an old apartment to his new one to show the property management what he was dealing with. Upon seeing the bugs he was told he could not live in the new apartment, at which point he went to the city offices. There he filled out a form requesting assistance and was told he did not qualify, at which point he threw the bed bugs.

old photo of people working in an office

Please don’t throw bed bugs at these workers

Deciding to throw bed bugs at city workers is not the best way to get your point across but there are a lot of things about this story that highlight the difficulties faced by those fighting bed bug infestations. If you are stuck in an infested dwelling it can be hard to find new accommodations if they discover that you have bed bugs, even if you have attempted to do your best and it is a property management issue. Government assistance in fighting bed bugs and finding new accommodations can also be lacking or non-existent. Despite that, there is no excuse to throw bed bugs at city workers. Pictures of the scene show a large number of bugs immobilized on the counter after some quick-thinking officials sprayed them down with Windex. We’re just glad that no one has thrown any bed bugs at us lately!

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