Independent Lab Confirms 100% Kill Rate by ZappBug

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We knew that the ZappBug Oven is effective because of the scientific studies proving that temperatures above 120 F kill bed bugs in all life stages.  (The internal temperature of ZappBug ranges from 120 F to 145 F.)

We also knew ZappBug worked because we conducted our own experiments in which we killed live bed bugs in ZappBug.  See videos here:

But to provide extra reassurance to our customers, we recently had the ZappBug Oven independently tested by I2LResearch Limited, a laboratory that specializes in product testing for the pest control industry.

The results were as we expected. I2L confirmed that the ZappBug kills 100% of bed bugs in all life stages: eggs, nymphs and adults.

You can read to full report here:


Posted by Andrew Havlis

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