Rutgers University recommends ZappBug

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Rutgers University recommends ZappBug as part of a Cost-Effective Bed Bug control method.

Rutgers University article

ZappBug Heat chambers can be used to heat treat items that are infested (or potentially infested) with bed bugs.  Transient populations in homeless shelters or even mental health facility carry a constant risk of bed bug introduction.  In these situations it is impossible to completely eliminate risk of bed bug infestations.  As long as people are coming and going, bed bug intoduction into shelters will always be a risk.  ZappBug heat chambers are a simple and cost effective way to mitigate this risk.  When clients come into the shelter, their items can be treated in a heat chamber to reduce introduction risk.  This can decrease the magnitude of the introduction vector and decrease pest control costs overall.  Making bed bug infestation less frequent over time.  Learn more from the Rutgers University article



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