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Heat is the solution trusted by bed bug professionals.  ZappBug offers affordable bed bug heat treatment chambers that eliminate bed bugs quickly and reliably. We offer three different sized chambers depending on your needs. These variations in sizes allow you to treat anything from luggage to California king mattresses, sofas, and more. 

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ZappBug Heater-Big

Perfect for your suitcases and other household items.

ZappBug Oven 2 - Bigger

Perfect for bulkier items and small furniture.

ZappBug Room - Biggest

Treat many items at once, including large furniture.

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Heat is the solution trusted by professionals to eradicate bed bugs. Unfortunately, professional heat treatments can also cost thousands of dollars, displace you from your home for hours, and they create an unpleasant spectacle at your business or home. ZappBug portable device offers commercial-level solutions that only costs a fraction of the price.  

Heat Solutions To Eliminate Bed Bugs: The Solution You Can Trust

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